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Jurassic World Movie Review


jurassic worldSteven Spielberg’s classic creature film Jurassic Park mesmerized us and made the audiences spellbound two decades back. Two more sequels followed the original with Spielberg himself directing the second installment. When it came to the third part, the master craftsman gave up the directorial duty and confined himself to the role of an executive producer.

Jurassic World, the fourth from the franchise has Spielberg enacting the same role of an executive producer with the directing job taken up by Colin Trever-row.

In terms of storyline, plot build up and backdrop everything seems similar but that cannot take away the credits from this film that is very much engaging. Add to it the brilliant use of visual effects to make a fake creature look so real on screen. Yes there are lot of predictability in each and every scene but even then the excitement and enjoyment the film provide cannot be taken away at any cost.

It all starts when two youngsters at the behest of their mother travel to Jurassic World, an amusement park inhabited by real as well as holographic dinosaurs. As per the tradition of the franchise, situation go awry and out of control and the rest you can all assume what is in store for us.

The screenplay has problems and at the same time the story has got nothing new. But these negatives are well covered up by visuals and a fast pace. Having said about the pace of the movie, it is not that right from the word go, we have action and adventure. It takes time to get into the thick of things and so the first half an hour or so is a normal one compared to what we have in bonus for the final half an hour compensating for the initial lagness. Good sound effects and music combine well to provide maximum entertainment.

Acting team lead by Chris Pratt have done a reasonably good job. Now coming to the Indian presence in the film, Irrfan Khan has a lengthy and important character to play. He has done his part well but still it didn’t come out as good as one would expect from an acting talent like Irrfan. Nevertheless you cannot take away any credit from the actor who is becoming a regular with cameo roles in English films. Hollywood has realized his potential and now its time they reward him with a character of substance where he can showcase his acting prowess.

The film might be formulaic and following the same set of rules set up by its predecessors but the Park has gone big and it is a Dinosaur World with technology making it a real fun ride. Given a second chance, I would definitely watch it again on big screen. So the rating for Jurassic World is three and a half out of five.

Reviewed By;- Chandra Mohan Gopinath

Jurassic World

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